Key Management Options

Beginning in 2019, Five Paws has updated our key management system to provide safe, more efficient options for our clients and sitters.

Our sitters will no longer carry keys between client homes and instead we will request access to client homes via one of the following alternatives:

  1. *Lockbox (our favorite!) or keypad on door
  2. Garage door code
  3. Hidden key

*A 2nd copy of the key will be stored in our Five Paws safe for emergencies.

The benefits of a key storage lock box:

  • Your keys do not need to be frequently dropped off, carried around, or picked up again. The sitter will have your key only during his/her visit and will immediately return it to your box upon completion of the visit.
  • If you move, you can take the key box with you wherever you go.
  • Five Paws and your loved ones will have access to your home in case of an emergency and be more able to respond quickly when needed.

Other details:

  • The lockbox location info and code will be stored securely in our leash time system and only assessable to your sitter and Five Paws management.
  • The lockbox can be hung on a doorknob (front or back), fence railing, deck railing or pipe.
  • Five Paws will provide the lockboxes at a discounted fee of $15 per box or you can provide your own.

*For new clients: if the lockbox option is chosen and you are purchasing one from Five Paws, the lockbox will be provided at the meet-n-greet and the cost will be added to your first invoice.

*For existing clients: the lockbox will be delivered to your home during March 2019 or at your next scheduled visit and the cost will be added to your invoice then.

FAQs about the new system:

What if my situation will not allow for a key storage lockbox or one of the alternative options?
Exceptions may be made for those who reside in apartments and condos. If your situation will not allow for a key storage lock box for any reason, please contact us right away and we can discuss a possible alternative.

How much does a key storage lockbox cost and do I need to provide my own?
Many local stores, hardware stores and big box retail stores sell key storage lockboxes. The average cost per box is $25-$35. Five Paws will be buying the boxes in bulk and passing along the cost savings. You are welcome to purchase your own or buy from Five Paws for the discounted rate of $15 (which will include sales tax).

Who will know the combination to my key storage lockbox?
The code will be safely stored within your profile in leashtime. The only persons with access to your profile is your designated sitter and Five Paws management.

Where will the key storage box be placed?
It can be put on a door knob (front or back), a fence or railing, or even a pipe. We will confirm your location preference before placing the lockbox.

Will Five Paws keep any copies of our keys?
We strongly suggest storing 1 copy of your key in our Five Paws safe for emergencies and in case anyone accidentally removes the key from the lockbox.

What type of lockbox will Five Paws be providing?
Five Paws will be providing a 4-digit realtor-style lockbox similar to the following: