Five Paws of Delaware County is a full service, professional pet sitting company. We are growing and hoping to hire fantastic dog walkers/pet sitters in the Delaware County area who will meet our furry and human clients’ needs.

Does this sound like you?

  • You haven’t met an animal you didn’t like. People often refer to you as the “animal whisperer”;
  • No matter the weather you love being outside and being active;
  • You are easygoing, love variety and being kept busy; having a full day’s schedule is a challenge and something you would look forward to;
  • You are super organized and detail oriented.

Perks for you:

  • Someone who is always happy to see you when you arrive for work! The very best human clients as well who really appreciate the support you provide them and their ‘furry’ kids;
  • Flexible schedules (see below for details);
  • Great part time, supplemental income (average rate of approx. $16/hour plus tips);
  • Fresh air, no office constraints.

*Great position for empty nesters, retirees, stay at home moms with school age children, small business owners with flexible schedules!


We are looking for folks who can fill the following available times. By choosing a shift below, you will be confirming your availability to work during that time frame. On some days, you may have a full shift; on other days you may only have a few visits – all depending on our client needs that day. If you’d like to make greater income, you can expand the hours in the category that you choose!

Daily shifts:

  • Early “BIRD”: 7 am – 1 pm
  • “DOG’s” Day Afternoon – 11 am – 4 pm
  • Late Afternoon – 1 pm – 7 pm
  • Night “OWL”: 4 pm – 10 pm
  • Overnight: 7 pm – 7 am  (you will be sleeping at clients’ homes while caring for their pets; paid lump sum NOT per hour)
  • For all daily shifts, you must work a minimum of 2 weekends per month and help on holidays.

Weekend only shifts:

  • Weekend “WARRIORS” – 3 pm Friday through Sunday 10 pm, must work 3 weekends per month


  • Must absolutely love all dogs (and other animals)! No professional experience required but must love and be comfortable with all animals. Must have some personal experience caring for dogs.
  • Must meet the availability noted in the shift you choose!
  • Must be extremely reliable (call outs are a rarity in this business).
  • Must be comfortable with modern technology as we use an online system for managing our visits and do lots of communication via email and text.
  • Must be a team player and have a positive, happy attitude about work!
  • Location: Must be in Delaware County (preferably close to Aston, Media, Drexel Hill, Havertown, or Glen Mills)

TO APPLY: It’s easy! Fill out the below application and hit SUBMIT!


Tell us all about you!

If you feel we should know something else, feel free to email us at info@fivepawsdelco.com. Completion and submission first of the below application is appreciated.
    Please check all that apply. If you have a specific day of the week that you are not available at all, please indicate that in the "what else should we know about you" box. *Note - all sitters must be available for minimally 2 weekends a month.
    All sitters must work holidays (not all holidays and not all day long on the holiday). We are very fair in spacing them out HOWEVER it is an expectation of the job. Clients go away for holidays and pets still need care!
    This job requires driving from one client's home to another within specified time frames. We are not a stationary facility.
    *Great position for empty nesters, retirees, stay at home moms with school age children, small business owners with flexible schedules! * Perfect for supplemental income! *Health benefits and 401Ks are NOT offered.