About the Owner

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WOW – Time does fly by! When I started Five Paws in August of 2010, I never imagined how the business would grow and how life would change. Between then and now – I have worked in Corporate America and left, moved, married, was pregnant, and had 2 little ones. My world is certainly different. On any given day now, I am juggling caring for the kids, my pets and my home while answering client calls, responding to emails, scheduling service and much more. It’s not a strange day where I’m alternating between playing Legos on the floor with my son and updating the sitter schedules. That all said, my passion for the business has been a constant bright light through everything. Almost ten years later I still wake up excited to work on the business and to look for fresh ideas – ways to provide a better experience for our furry clients as well as my sitters. I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I love while taking care of the most important things in my life – my family.  

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My  heart

Someone might ask – WHY? Why choose a business that is open and running 24/7, a business that has lots of moving parts, late hours/early AMs/weekends, and to be honest –  a lot of stress? The answer for me is pretty simple – I have my own pets and I understand how important they are to us. I’m truly honored that pet parents trust me and my company to take care of their most valuable family members.  I take this responsibility very seriously and strive to provide the very best care. I want to give folks an option for their pets that I KNOW they can count on!

I couldn’t do it all without a great team! I spend a lot of my time and focus working on finding the very best caretakers. We don’t just hire anyone. I look for individuals who LOVE animals – the kind of people who animals gravitate to, who must “talk” to any animal they see on the street, and who say this isn’t really a “job”. I also look for the most reliable kind of folks – the ones who truly understand the commitment needed for this job and who would never think of letting an animal down! You depend on us and we take that very seriously.

And now……

please meet a handful of our sitters!



Snuggling with Susie

Carrie is one VERY devoted pet sitter who we are incredibly fortunate to have on our Five Paws team. For years, she has worked as an EMT, has current certificates in EKG Phlebotomy and is also a certified critical care Medical Assistant. She has a snuggly cat named Susie (aka SBop) and two teenage sons who are the absolute loves of her life.  Her mother likes to tell the story that, as a child, Carrie ran up the phone bill calling numerous veterinary hospitals in order to save birds, squirrels, etc. Regarding working with Five Paws, Carrie says “I found this job through the website and am TOTALLY in love with both the job and all of the animals I have the opportunity to care for! I love being outside and meeting so many wonderful clients both four and two legged 🙂 I don’t consider this work and plan on doing this always. Fun fact…..I traveled across the country on a Harley”.


Eileen in her comfort zone.

Eileen grew up in Havertown and has lived in the Media/Middletown area for 30 yrs. She attended local colleges and earned her Ph. D. in nursing. She taught nursing for many years but eventually decided she wanted to spend more of her time with animals, outdoors and walking, three of her favorite things. Petsitting so far has proven to be the perfect job!

Growing up, she always had an affinity for animals and drove her mother crazy caring for injured animals and birds she snuck into the house; birds, possums, squirrels & chipmunks all survived Eileen’s loving ministrations. When she struck out on her own, she started rescuing dogs and never stopped. She has rescued cats (she still misses her ragdoll), puppies, older dogs and a number of dogs with physical/emotional challenges: 3 legs, partially paralyzed, blind, deaf and other medical challenges, as well as, abused dogs. She hasn’t yet had met an animal she hasn’t liked!

She has also spent time transporting rescued animals from many states. She currently has 4 rescued dogs; a Cairn terrier from a breeding farm, a Catahoula found near death with her sister next to their dead mother who had been killed by a car, an abused Pitbull who had been locked in a box for over a year and a terrier mix who had been found on the roadside as an abandoned puppy. These furbabies keep her busy when she’s not working! Additionally, she has cared for ducks, chickens, various birds, pond & aquarium fish, turtles, lizards, ferrets, mice, rats, horses and spent a recent Summer caring for and milking goats and making (and eating!) goat cheese. An experience she loved!

In her free time, she has hosted international students for over 20 years and has traveled to Spain, England, China, Hong Kong, Mexico, all around the Caribbean and Canada and 49 states. She loves to cook, read and garden. She also loves traveling, eating out, popcorn, movies, the seashore. She’s enjoyed interacting with all her current clients and looking forward too all the new ones!


Picture of woman and dog.

Maura with her love

Maura is a true asset to our Five Paws family and we’re been thrilled to have her as part of the team for over a year now! She is a life-long resident of Delaware Cty, a married mom of 3 human kids, and a fur mom to 2 senior cats as well as a 10 yr old German Shepard named Nitro. Maura has had a zoo of animals most of her life including cats, bunnies and fish! Her love of animals took her to work at an animal hospital through high school and beyond with a preference for work in the kennels versus the front desk. She currently works during the day in the Patient Accounting Dept. for the University of Penn and works for Five Paws in the evening and on the weekends.

In her spare time, Maura enjoys reading, beach days and time with her family. On her vacations, she always tries to have some animal interaction including horseback riding, swimming/training with the dolphins, and feeding iguanas in Mexico.

Maura finds her work as a pet sitter very satisfying especially when she’s able to become accepted by an animal who was initially a little frightened or wary of her. She enjoys getting kisses and seeing the pets’ excitement upon her arrival.


Michelle with newborns!

When Michelle came on board early this year, I don’t think we even realized what a big animal lover she is! She is has had dogs her whole life and is currently the proud owner of Charlie, Muneca, and Hennesy. Charlie and Muneca just had 4 puppies in the summer which Michelle care for and found great homes for! She also has 7 bunnies!

Michelle is from Delaware but now resides in PA with her husband whom she married in January. Her hobbies include traveling, reading and spending time with her family. In Michelle’s previous life, she had a job in banking. She was looking for a part time job when she came upon the Five Paws ad. After working with us for a while, she found it was the best job she ever had and she decided to do this full time. Caring for animals has become her passion and what she plans to do for the rest of her life! We are so grateful to have her as part of our Five Paws family!



Hand feeding kangaroos!

Stephani grew up in Delaware County and knows the area very well.  She has been with Five Paws since June of 2014.  She loves to be able to work with various breeds of animals and has experience administering medications/insulin.  She is fur Mom to a rescue cat named Cali and two adopted beagles; Bailey & Reba.

Stephani has had a passion for animals since she was a young girl. Growing up, she spent her summers caring for animals at a family friend’s farm in Virginia.  She wanted to be a veterinarian but life took her in a different direction.  Stephani started both rescuing animals and pet sitting several decades ago.  When her family and close friends were away from home, they always called upon Stephani knowing that she would provide the best care for their fur babies!

Stephani also loves travelling to different areas of the world.  She makes a point to visit zoos and aquariums wherever she is vacationing.  So far, her favorite zoo was the Mogo Zoo in Australia, where she got to hand feed a Sumatran tiger.  For the past 8 years, Stephani has been in charge of food and supply donation drives for the CCSPCA.  She says, “It’s both rewarding and heartbreaking to drop off a van full of donated supplies. It feels great to be helping the animals….and at the same time I want to adopt and take them all home”.


Teaghan with her love – Eevee

Teaghan, a Chester County native, has always had a deep love of animals. In addition to her amazing dog, Eevee, whom she has had for just over a year now, she has had numerous much-loved pets over the years such as a bird, a turtle, a snake, a rat (much to her mother’s dismay), and mice. She also once rescued an injured chicken while on a dog walk.

Teaghan’s interests include playing with her adorable puppy at the dog park, competing in billiards tournaments, taking her jeep off-roading, dancing, and reading books. She also is an artist with a deep love for tie-dye. Teaghan additionally enjoys fostering dogs and dog sitting whenever the opportunity presents itself. When not caring for her fur-babies at Five Paws, Teaghan also works as an EMT and teaches first aid and CPR.


Proudly Serving: Aston, Brookhaven, Glen Mills, Garnet Valley, Newtown Square, Media, Drexel Hill, Havertown, Broomall, Springfield, Aldan, Clifton Heights, Secane and the surrounding areas!